Below are descriptions and details about some of the services we provide.

Lintel repair:

Over time water infiltration over openings can cause lintels to corrode. When lintels corrode it expands and impedes pressure on the masonry around it. You can see from the photos above that the lintels have expanded and also shifted slightly, displacing the brick and creating potential for more water infiltration and further structural damage.

Chimney Rebuild

Whether a chimney is damaged by weather or by deterioration over time, a damaged chimney allows for water infiltration and also for freeze thaw cycles in winter that will further damage the masonry, ultimately leading to interior water damage.


Many times a corroded lintel, structural settlement, and water infiltration can cause cracking in the mortar joints and even in the masonry units themselves in severe enough. The appropriate repairs need to be implemented (such as lintel replacement, parapet repair/rebuild), and then grinding and tuckpointing can be performed to repair cracked mortar joints.

New Masonry

If you are constructing a new building, addition, rebuilding damaged walls, or just adding masonry partition walls, S&S Contractors, Inc. is looking forward to providing you with great service!

Chemical Washing/Waterproofing

After years of weathering masonry and concrete can show signs of dirt and residue. Many times this is more of an aesthetic issue than structural. It is important to know which type of chemicals and solvents to use for different applications. For example, landmark historic buildings in Chicago are not allowed to be washed and cleaned with harsh chemicals because of their landmark status.

Caulking and Sealing

Over time caulking and sealants wear with weather and also with structure expansion and contraction. The separation of the sealant from the structure can leave a void for water penetration. This penetration can lead to further structural deterioration such as lintel corrosion and interior water damage.