Terms and Conditions

The warranty covers labor performed by S&S Contractors, Inc. for 5 years. This includes any deterioration or premature failure of the work. As stated, the warranty covers the labor from 5 years of the date of completion of the work. The warranty is void if another contractor is brought in to either repair the work or the area where the work was completed was modified, rehabilitated, or rebuilt.

Upon contacting S&S Contractors, Inc. at (773) 235-9272 with your complaint about the work, we will come out to site to investigate the existing conditions and the client’s claim of below acceptable conditions. If the cause of the claim is deemed to be due to material deficiencies, S&S Contractors, Inc. will work with you to contact the manufacturer and see what can be done.

If the claim is found to be due to faulty labor, the corrective actions will be taken to repair/rework these areas.